Tamil Tv Show Nalla Sollurangaiya Detailu

Nalla Sollurangaiya Detailu Tamil TV SHOWS on JAYA TV

Nalla Sollurangaiya Detailu is a Tamil comedy serial which airs on Jaya TV. It has a runtime of thirty minutes. It was aired for the first time on 21 March 2016. It is a new program, which is showing a lot of promise. It takes place in a set with sofas and decorations. The anchor of the shows talks about the recent happenings in the state and the country in a funny way. He speaks with his maid and tries to explain why it happened. They talk about politics and economics and also about the film industry.

In the first episode, they talk about their current Chief Minister. They show a news clipping about her. A few videos are presented which contain the interviews of the common people. It is their voice, and it shows us what they feel about the current situation. There are many interviews, and each one of them have given their opinion. The show can be thought of as a news show with a funny side attached to it. There are many similar serials out there, like the Cyrus Broach Show, and much more.

Whenever there is a celebrity in the house, the setting of the house changes to fit the mood. Celebrities often make an appearance on the show to promote their new films. They might also be present for the sake of it. The interview is a special episode which takes away the time allotted for advertisements. What makes the show different from others is its background. Normally, other shows have the same background, which might be attractive, but after repeatedly viewing the same thing, it might become dull. The ambience of the set is colourful and not monotonous. It is a weekly show; it airs once a week on Jaya TV.

Unlike other shows, there is no live audience. The host entertains us by cracking a few jokes. He sometimes plays a double role and starts arguing with himself. The show has a huge fan following which can be seen by the huge amount of views a few of its episodes has got on YouTube. Sometimes, the show takes in a kitchen setup or a garage or inside a car. There is no fake laughter, but there is a laughable tune to it, which is synonymous with comedy shows all around the world. It is a funny way to be aware of your surroundings and voice your opinion. The end credits show the names of the advertisers and the producers, who made this show possible.