Tamil Tv Show Nalam Tharum Nam Jathagam

Nalam Tharum Nam Jathagam Tamil tv-shows on CAPTAIN TV

It is a devotional show in Captain TV which had influence forecast on star and horoscope matters too. The show would feature devotional songs on Lord Narayana and would take us to a tour of various shrines of Lord Narayana. For instance, one could see Lord Guruvayoor. Sri. U. Ve. Dhamal Ramakrishnan Swamin presented the show.

He would even signify all the Brahmin rituals such as Upanayana or even daily Narayana Sankeertana. An episode that was featured on Lord Guruvayoor retold the history of Lord Krishna's birth. He even made viewers understand the concept of performances of 'homa'. In the show, he would open the discourse for various rituals undertaken by Hindu Shastra.

He even took the viewers to various temples such as Lord Jagannatha. The show would insist on the significance Pranayam, Dhyanam, Japam, Slokam, Homam and Archana, etc., that can take our soul to a spiritual level. The show was perfect for Hindus residing all over India who could practice devotion by watching the show and have a vision of almighty by just having a glimpse of the show. The photography of this show would give us every detail of the Hindu shrines and pilgrimage center.