Tamil Tv Show Nadanthathu Ennanaa

Nadanthathu Ennanaa  Tamil TV SHOWS on IBC Tamil

Nandanthathu Ennanna is a comedy show that airs weekly every Friday at 11 pm. The show airs on the IBC Tamil channel and produced by IBC Tamil India. The show is hosted by the talented Azhar. Azhar is a versatile talent who has tried his hand at a lot of things. Apart from hosting this show, he is also a radio jockey for Tamil radio networks.

He has also acted in various films and television shows. The show is a non-fictional comedy show. It is partly inspired by the America’s Funniest Home Videos – where the show did not produce any comedic content, but the viewers provided their home videos to the show. The home videos often had someone in a funny situation. The show aggregated all the clips and produced episodes. The show had kids, parents, their pets in all kinds of slapstick comedy situations that made it funny.

Nandathathu Ennanna stays true to the roots however it adapted to the modern world. Due to lessening popularity of home videos, the show takes its content from the online world. The show aggregates clips from around the world through various mediums like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, etc. The websites are forums with active users who put up a lot of content for people to see. The websites often get videos and clips that contain some comedic content.

If the clip is funny enough, a lot of users watch it and it goes viral. The show picks up this kind of clips to broadcast on the show. A large number of users lead to a variety of clips. The number of such videos generated is huge and the show does not find itself lacking for any episode. It does not also restrict itself to its country but takes content from around the world. However, it takes care to avoid mature or adult content that may be offensive. The show is full of such clips which are shown in various segments.

Sometimes, similar clips are clubbed together into a category or a funny premise. The host has a lot of fun and often comments on the videos which are quite funny. The show is perfect watch for a person who cannot devote time for television or social media. The show provides humour and comedy in the perfect amount. With a lot of funny videos and the charm of the host, the show appeals to all kinds of sense of humour.