Tamil Tv Show Nadanthadu Enna - Kutramum Pinnaniyum

Nadanthadu Enna - Kutramum Pinnaniyum Tamil tv-shows on VIJAY TV

Nadandhadu Enna - Kuttramum Pinnaniyum is a reality based show which got aired on the Star Vijay channel. It is a Tamil language series which got broadcast every weekday from Monday to Friday in the 11:00 to 11:30 PM time slot. The hard-hitting and gritty show got hosted by none other than Gopinath himself, with an attitude to match the portrayal of the show. The program is an investigative series which probes into the depth of untold stories and hidden truths. It sheds light upon incidents that impact society and showcases a variety of issues which range from acts considered as social evils, going on to freak occurrences which would be difficult to believe if not seen with one’s own eyes. The episodes got shot in the manner which looks very authentic and is reminiscent of the format of investigative reporting.

The show picks up and deals with a variety of issues that directly leave an impact on the public. It also deals with different hidden truths, in addition to highlighting mysteries by bringing them to the forefront. Various facets and untold aspects of people and society got uncovered in this program. The show also reveals the different hardships as well as risks which the police force takes upon themselves in order to ensure offending culprits get punished for their crimes. Nadandhadu Enna - Kuttramum Pinnaniyum is one of Star Vijay’s most well-established series since its launch in the year of 2004. It has successfully created a large amount of public awareness. It has proved to be an immense success and reveals the dark and real face of crime, police, and the criminals.

The same show is now ready to create a new history with a fresh package on the whole. Gopinath presents hard hitting stories of crime, its subsequent investigation as well as support it all with research conducted in real time about these incidents. He narrates the sequence of events to the viewers along with the actual results obtained from the research. The stories cover stories ranging in variety from the likes of cockfights getting organized illegally to stories about a man having grown up in chains throughout his life and even to this day staying in chains. The show creates awareness and asks tough questions of the concerned authorities. Many times, these episodes spark action from the right people and leads to the betterment of the common man’s life.