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Nadana Rajas is a dance reality show in the Tamil language that aired on the channel, IBC Tamil which is a mass media channel that has launched a 24-hours television channel for the Diaspora Tamils based out of Sri Lanka, India, etc. The headquarters of the channel is in London and the founder of the channel is Baskaran Kandiah. The show, Nadana Rajas was launched in the year 2015 in the month of August to September. The show had multiple episodes and each episode aired for around one hour. The show, Nadana Rajas is a dance reality show. The show is based out of and shot at Cambridge, UK. The show gives a chance to all Tamilian living in Europe to showcase their dancing skills and passion for dance on a national stage. The show brings together various dancers from different parts of the country together on this stage where they compete with each other for the top position and prize money of 10,000 pounds.

The best part about the show is that he does not have any specific rules about the participants. The show allows any dancer, from solo to doubles and groups to participate in the show on the same level. The show also puts no age limit on the participants. The participants in the show age from young kids to middle-aged dancers as well. The show starts with the audition rounds where different dancers come with their prepared performances and perform in front of the judges to impress them. The judges select contestants from the auditions who move to the main event. In the main event, the selected contestants go through a series of rounds where they show different dance forms and skills and clear the rounds by saving themselves through multiple rounds of elimination.

The final few contestants who qualify into the final rounds go into a dance battle with each other from where one is declared victorious. Unlike usual reality shows, this show does not involve any public voting to save the contestants. All the judgments are taken solely by the judges of the show. The show has had only one season so far. Dark strings, Prabhu raj, Twinkle, Dance studio, Jeenu and Ashkutty, Reckless, Saran Kohli, IDS were the semi-finalists of this season out of whom one became the winner of the show. The show was hosted by comedy artist, Davan Shan and hair and beauty stylist, Vithya H. The season was judged by Nagendra Prasad, Gayathri Raguram, and Jeya Raveendran. Arjun and Ashanti Omar were sometimes the special guests on the show who also gave their judgment on the performances of the participants and mentored them. The show was conceptualized by Jaya Raveendran.