Tamil Tv Show Melliya Poongatru

Melliya Poongatru    Tamil TV SHOWS on Isaiaruvi TV

It is a show aired on KalaignarIsaiAruvi channel on a daily basis at 11pm to 12 am. Music is an indispensable part of our life. The host interacts with viewers and plays the song requested by them. The call-in audience participation was stopped due to the more number of callers and less duration. It is now a collection of melodious songs. Feelings of love and tenderness arise while listening to calm melodies. It is a type of program which focuses predominantly on playing music videos.The songs chosen emphasize the clarity with a more concise melodic expression.

Melodies help people to sense all feelings and emotions. The melody is a linear tone of musical notes that has continuity, coherence and shape. It is the soul of music and artful organization of sound and silence. It implies little in the way of aesthetic judgement regardless of how pleasant or not the line might sound. Out of the variety of types of music, the melody is one which is soothing and helps to relax. This program features songs in moon –lit ambience. It gives a wide range of spectacular music videos. The songs are composed mostly by kings of Tamil including V. Kumar, music maestro Ilayaraja,Hariharan, A. R. Rahman,etc.

Melody unwinds anxiety and helps guided brainwave beats giving total relaxation and restful sleep. This program plays its unique collection of back to back breezy songs. The songs aired are in a manner that swings through the toughest minds and breaks down the anxieties making its performance a great success. They have pleasing outline, rhythm, balance, melody, harmony, form, pitch and theme.The pitch of the music creates moods using very high or low notes. The dynamic sound degree gives the music a feeling.

Music creates an atmosphere of depth, involvement, joy, emotion etc. it drives the cultural interaction and expresses the impossible. The songs are from romantic background irrespective of the genre of the movie. The success and reach of the program to the audience is due to its right time of telecast, when the whole world sinks into the noiseless rhythm of the moon. The notable feature is the show does traces of concentration on new latest melody songs and album songs.

The episodes are a daily dose of smooth tones. The program is preferred as the music destination. Every episode airs about 8 to 10 songs. The songs are a music of contemplation and light. The peaceful collection of hymns of piano and ensemble add to the highlights. Energetic and lively melodies emerge the sense of happiness and inspirations. The episodes are a caravan of melody to a land far away. The viewers are left with melodious awakening at the end of each episode. The music essence is spread by their humming throughout the night.