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SRM is a name which is synonymous with standard. It is a well-known fact understood among the general population of Tamil Nadu and past. Starting their modest trip from an instructive foundation, the SRM organisation has made tremendous progress in different fields including transport, control and vitality, hospitals, inns, technology, and much more. SRM have turned into an inescapable powerhouse with a repuatation of being a brand name that spells trust and quality. In the wake of carving a niche for themselves with their triumph in every single significant field, SRM group is ready to solidify its spot in the Television Industry through Vendhar TV, an all-day every-day GEC channel.

Vendhar Tv presents to the audience a fresh out- of-the-box Cookery Show. The Show Master Kitchen is based on the best of Indian and International recipes by Chef Preethi. Master Kitchen exhibits all the assortments of Indian sustenances, with some heavenly and super easy formulas. The Show highlights entire assortment of dishes from a wide range of cuisines from all around the globe in every episode.

Every housewife is fond of cooking, trying new recipes, and get familiar with cuisines from around the world. But, alongside this, they don't even want to sacrifice their Film and Television Shows, which show the lives of their favorite Stars on and off-screen. Master Kitchen is the one-step solution to this, as it shows various segments and episodes, where Stars from Industry come as guests and express their candid side.

Grasp and endeavour every single food from the world and solid tips from a weekday cookery Show Master Kitchen. Renowned Television Stars like Samantha, Kavitha, Julie, etc have cooked their own particular secret recipes in the Star Special segment of the Show.

Swetha and Julie, talented Actresses from the Television Industry came and showed their most loved formulas like Veg Move, Crisp Prawn, Sweet Samosa, among others on the show. The show likewise comprises the Chef's every-day, energizing, simple formulas in the segment ``Chef's Corner´´ with famous Chef Preethi with a worldwide knowledge of recipes of different cuisines like Peanut Prawn, Chicken Popcorn, Maangai Meen Kulambu, and many more. The final segment of Master Kitchen entitled ``Healthy Master´´ show healthy and nutritious recipes by Health Experts.

 Along with these healthy recipes, Psychologist Dr.Abilasha tell the audiences a variety of well-being tips as well. Heaps of astounding cooking styles and recipes are arranged for every week. If you are a cookery fan, with keenness of watching candid Stars, the Show Master Kitchen is the best option for you.  The Show is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 12 in the afternoon, only on Vendhar TV Channel.

 So go with the episodes and have a fascinating excursion with cooking and eating.