Tamil Tv Show Mastana Mastana Season 2

Mastana Mastana Season 2 Tamil TV SHOWS on Saregama TV

Mastana Mastana is a dance reality show in the Tamil language that airs on the channel Saregama Tamil. Saregama Tamil is owned by the most popular and the largest music company in India, Saregama Music. The company also ventured into digital and online content, and Saregama Tamil was one of its pioneer ventures in this arena. The show, Mastana Mastana had two successful seasons. The second season of the show was premiered in the year 2008. The show was aired on weekends.

Season two of the show had a total of 20 episodes and a grand finale episode. Mastana Mastana Season 2 is a dance based reality show. The show encouraged couples from various parts of the Tamil Nadu state to participate in the show and showcase their dancing skills. Any couple who had a knack for dancing and possessed some dancing skills could participate in the show. The show gave a platform to the common people to come out and show their talents to the world.

They had to go through an initial round of auditions. After the audition round, eight couples finally made it to the main event. These contestants were given choreographers who planned and choreographed dance routines for these contestants. The contestants performed these routines in front of judges. The judges gave their feedbacks and tips for improvement to these contestants. There was no scoring system in the show. The judges decided the best performers based on their performances.

Each week, these contestants present different dance routines of various genres like emotional, romantic, contemporary, ballroom styles, hip-hop, hardcore Tollywood, etc. Each week, one of the weakest contestant couples got eliminated. Two of these couples finally made it to the grand finale out of whom one emerged as the winner. The show offered various different dance forms for the audiences, and the show was very popular amongst the viewers. Season two of this show was hosted by Harsha & Neelima. T

hey coordinated the show throughout the second season with good fun and interaction. The judges of the season were actor-dancer Mumtaj, choreographer John Babu and ace dancer-choreographer, Lawrence Raghavendra. The eight participant couples of the show were Murali and Rishita, Yuvanraj Nethran and Aruna Devi, Adithya and Apsara, Bala and Suguna, Hemachandran and Nisha, Nivas and Julie, Bharath and Kavitha, and Kumar and Aishwarya. Out of these contestants, Bala and Suguna, and Yuvanraj Nethran and Aruna Devi reached the grand finale of the season.