Tamil Tv Show Maruthuvam Ungalukkaga

Maruthuvam Ungalukkaga Tamil TV SHOWS on SUN TV

Maruthuvam Ungalukkaga is a Tamil language TV show. The TV show was released in the year 2012 for the audiences of the Sun TV Channel. Sun TV Channel telecasted the TV program Maruthuvam Ungalukkaga for a very special purpose as this show was made to provide information and, entertainment to the audience; all at the same time. Sun TV Channel is one of the leading channels among the various other Tamil language channels and, also it has provided its audience with varied genres of sources of entertainment be it; a daily TV soap or an informative TV show or a Talk-TV show or some other sort of entertainment TV show. Maruthuvam Ungalukkaga was a TV show filled with information. It was a special TV show made for the audience to provide them knowledge about various types of medical issues and, their remedies.

Sun TV through its show provided all necessary information to its audience. Maruthuvam Ungalukkaga was a talk show where the doctors or chemists would come and explain to the audience about one medical problem. They would discuss in detail about that problem in lay man term and, in medical term as well. Later they would enlighten the audience more about that particular issue, explain to them their symptoms, and tell them about its effect on the body and, the right and necessary kind of treatment. Also, the doctor, who was the guests on the show, would tell various home remedies or other remedies or some necessary kind of treatment to the audience to get rid of that medical condition. The problems discussed could be any; from a minor headache to something as big as cancer.

There were episodes telecasted based on medical problems like; itchy scalp, premenstrual syndrome, skin pigmentation, headache, cracked heel, fever, taking care of oneself, different body aches, eyes infections, dryness and itching issues, lymph infection, mouth ulcer and other infections and, many other diseases like those. In the TV show the guests didn’t only discuss medical problems but, they also enlightened the audience about various natural remedies, different food one can eat, typhoid, sources of nutrients and vitamins and other things. There were episodes featured on; medicinal uses of Vaani Tree, benefits of Tree Jasmine or Maramalli, Nayuruvi as herbal care plant, White Karisalankanni’s health benefits, natural treatment for the kidney stone, Pannai Keerai benefits, healing burn and, many such episodes based on natural treatment. The TV show has been truly an informative one for the audience.