Tamil Tv Show Maruththuva Neram

Maruththuva Neram Tamil TV SHOWS on DD Podhigai

Maruththuva Neram is a Tamil TV program that aired on DD Podhigai. DD Podhigai is one of Doordarshan’s regional channels. Doordarshan is the ultimate parent company of many regional language channels that properly starts from DD. These channels produce content in local languages.

Maruththuva Neram is a show dedicated to carefully making viewers aware of various medical conditions, numerous diseases, etc. In this show, there is a female host, and every week, she invites different doctors to chat about things related to medical science. Maruththuva Neram started in 2016, and it used to air at 7 PM evening.

Doctors in this show talk about a different type of disease and then try to explain their reason, why this disease happens and what typically triggers them, and then they explain their symptoms and if you need a medical checkup or not. They equally inform you about the ways to eliminate the same disease and tell you how you can keep yourself safe from that disease. And then they tell you about specialists available in the city who treat these medical conditions.

The main motto of this show was to make viewers aware of the things that they generally don’t recognize, In one of the memorable episodes, they tried to explain why we should donate our organs and why it is necessary to pledge your organs. Some of these exclusive videos are equally available on the YouTube channel of DD Podhigai.