Tamil Tv Show Mann Pesum Sarithiram

Mann Pesum Sarithiram Tamil TV SHOWS on VASANTH TV

The Mann Pesum Sarithiram program is aired on Vasanth TV on every Saturday at 9 pm. It is a travelogue hosted by Sreelekha. This program was written and directed by Muthukumar. The video credit goes to Sabio Stanly and Justin. The show airs the documentary films with historical background. The show has crossed more than three hundred episodes with thirty minutes duration.

This how appreciates the history of Tamil Nadu and the valour in the Tamil Soil. It was being aired since 2014. This show shares the historical records and the specialities of the specific place chosen. It talks about the ancient visitors, landscape, people, history, evolution of land, temples, culture, food, farm, industries, etc. The host interacts with the people and gets detailed information on their living conditions. Most of the historic places of Tamil Nadu are known for its art and architecture. This show aims at bringing the evidence for our culture and pride. It has attracted the audience of all ages as it was informative.

The first episode covered the areas around Kodaikanal. It gives detailed information on Vilpatti Thalaivasal at Kodaikanal. The video covers the architecture of the arch of the Thalaivasal. It also covers the Thayumanavar Swamy temple. The Kattabomman Panchalankurichi was the next place of importance. It was the place where Kattabomman was hanged to death.

The latest episodes cover's the Ukkiran Kotai, which was considered as the place of archaeological value as it had many sculptures buried under the ground. This place was often spotted by the archaeological researchers. Episode 267 was considered remarkable as it covered the South Indian Taj Mahal,Thirumalai Nayakkar Mahal located in Madurai. This episode spotted high domes, sharply carved sculptures, majestic pillars, artistic utensils, artilleries, marvellous paintings and furniture.

Thirumalai Nayakar changed his capital to Madurai and has taken about 7 years to build the palace. The palace was designed by an Italian architect. It is a standing evidence for Islamic style. It is also combination of Indian and German arts. It presented detailed information on the life history of Nayakkar dynasty. It also explained about their downfall. The other notable episode was the visit to Palangudi and Kaveripuram. It gave detailed account on the areas drowned in Mettur Dam, which was once a battle field. This area was once under the reign of the Mysore King .The video pictured the destructed Jalagandeshwarar temple. The background music for the episodes, often adds the sense of thrill in the nerves of the viewers.