Tamil Tv Show Manathengum Margazhi

Manathengum Margazhi Tamil TV SHOWS on Vendhar TV

Manathengum Margazhi is a Tamil language TV show. Vendhar TV has telecasted this TV show in the year 2015 for its viewers. Manathengum Margazhi is a special TV show made for a special purpose. Manathengum Margazhi is a TV show which is completely dedicated to the Tamil month which is Margazhi and, it’s various specialties. The show celebrates the culture of the Tamil culture. The show had special guests in its episodes who would share some really interesting facts about Margazhi. Also, they would share their own stories with the month and, importance of this special month to them. P M Parasuram in each episode would share several interesting and amazing facts about the month of Margazhi with the viewers.

Various singers also came on the show to share their experiences and, importance of Margazhi to them. Mahati, O S Arun, Anuradha Krishnamoorthy, Giridas, Sudha Raghunandan, Mohan Vadhiya, Carnatic vocalist and, many other singers came on the show to share their experiences. In the few episodes P M Parasumam shared with the public his views on Margazhi and conducted the exchange of information, after which, Giridas talked to the audience about Lord Krishna, his stories and the special month. The special show brings out the festivity, culture, and traditions of Tamil. Vendhar TV has come up with a total of 15 episodes of Manathengum Margazhi. The show ran for 30 minutes on the TV screens.

Each episode was filled with new stories, new discussions and, several factors related to Lord Krishna, Later on the vocalists would come to give the audience more realistic and, personal information about the Tamil month Margazhi. Their experiences with their families, celebrations, and special things that they do with their families in this special month brought freshness to the TV show. These singers came up just before the end of a episode. Not just this, there was also lot of exchange of information from the guests to the audience regarding the actual importance of this special month and the actual importance that one has with this month. The show also showed how important this month is and, how everyone is related to it. For the viewers of Vendhar TV, the show was a new concept having both religious and festive connection to it. The audience loved listening to Lord Krishna’s stories, Bhajans, different stories and, the importance of the month in true sense. The show has been a hit TV show on Vendhar TV.