Tamil Tv Show Mama Douser Kalanduchu-Tamil Comedy

Mama Douser Kalanduchu-Tamil Comedy Tamil tv-shows on Peppers TV

Peppers Entertainment Network Private Limited had made its way into the world of Tamil Television Industry after the failure of Southern Spice Music Entertainers. They had wished to redefine the concept of entertainment for the help of localities from the urban regions of Tamil Nadu. The successor of S. S. Music had created confusion among the public as rumors spread across social media that they had not announced that Peppers succeeded them and came in as additional entrant in accordance with the Cable T. V. Net Act, 1994. The rumor began when video Jockey Rajeev had started taking lead in most of the shows . They had come across various reality events during the past decade. They had wished to give something unique to the audience. They had hired various persons, to give the best. One of them had the title Mama trouser Kalanduchu.

This had the genre of comedy combined with the interrogatory format. In order to be short, it had the same style of Imman Annachi's trademarked Sollunga Annae Sollunga. However, this stood as the predecessor of the latter. Later many television networks had analyzed and gave the content. For the benefit of new comers into the world of Tamil Small Screen, the theme of the entire episode would revolve around certain group of people. The wheels of the car travelled all over the city of Chennai and found a prime location for the conduct of the business. Kanal Kannan had the opportunity initially to anchor the program. Later, he was replaced by various junior artists. Simple general knowledge had place in the entire drama.

The exact Tamil words for various English, Urdu, Arabic, Portuguese, Hindi, Sanskrit, and Malayalam phrases that had occupied in the language especially in the locality of Chennai were sought. For example: The people of Chennai use a slang called as ‘Nashta. It had the meaning equivalent to the English Word Tiffin.’. It had a very sad note that people often confused with the Republic Day and the Independence Day. The saddest note had that they did not even know the reason behind such a victorious celebration in the country. The counter dialogues of various comedians had played amidst the answers that bring out the funniest side of it. It entertained and educated the youths around the State.