Tamil Tv Show Makkal Munnal

Makkal Munnal Tamil TV SHOWS on Thanthi TV

Makkal Munnal is a talk show in the Tamil language that aired on the channel, Thanthi TV. Thanthi TV is satellite channel in the Tamil language owned by the Thanthi Group. The channel was initially owned by NDTV and The Hindu group jointly before being taken over and rebranded by Dina Thanthi. The show, Makkal Munnal was launched in the year 2013. The show comes up with a new season every year ever since. The show was aired weekly, on Sundays at 7:30 p.m. IST.

Some of the episodes of this show run for as long as 2 hours due to the detailed and heated discussions. Makkal Munnal is a talk show based on debates. The show focuses on major political and social events happening in and around the state of Tamil Nadu. As you understand from the name of the show, the show is a people based show. It brings forth various contemporary issues that involve the common public of Tamil Nadu, that is, the Tamilian.

The show represents itself as the voice of the common man. The various happenings around the state that impact the common man’s life in some way or the other is discussed in this show. The show is set up in a circular studio, which is surrounded by an audience. The audience sits all around the studio and the host stands in the center addressing them and the viewers at home. Experts and celebrities from various fields grace the show with their presence.

There are three to four experts on each episode. These experts are closely related to the area of discussion. The show begins with a small video clip giving the brief over the issue to be discussed on that episode and the impact it has had so far on the common man. Then the host starts the debate by asking questions to the guests and taking their views on the issue. The host also takes inputs and views from the people in the audience. The debate sometimes gets very heated up by contradicting views and opinions.

Some of the issues discussed on in this show are the recent Jalikattu ban, Ancient Tamils, Rural Development after Independence, the interest of youngsters in politics, State Elections, Soil resources, Superstition or Belief, Caste system; Power cuts in Tamil Nadu, etc. All these issues are of great significance to the common man, and the show takes up these issues with the big names in the industry and asks for answers on behalf of the public. The show is anchored by popular politician and social-activist, Senthamizhan Seeman.

This is his first venture into television. He has been a part of different significant social and political movements and campaigns which make him a perfect fit as the host of the show. Due to his background, there is an incredible zest and power in his voice and the way he operates the show adds to the motive and essence of the show and ties it all together.