Tamil Tv Show Makkal Mandram

Makkal Mandram Tamil TV SHOWS on Thanthi TV

Makkal Mandram is a Tamil series which is telecast in Thanthi tv. This show is about the Tamil community in the US. This show is about the latest news and about the tradition and culture of the Tamilians. In this program, there will be debates about the issues associated with the city and also the news all over the world. This channel delivers 24/7 news and the programs related to the culture and also the tradition of the Tamilians. It also debates on the live programs and elections and also about politics and politicians and also the lifestyle of the people.

In this Makkal Mandram, there is a debate of the stories that they had received from the city like Cauvery water should be given to Karnataka and Tamil Nadu or not. Hot topics like USA attacks on Indians and much other more will be shown in this series. The debate is about the situations happening all over the world. Many of the politicians and guests like social workers , lecturers and many others participate in this show. This show is mainly for the social welfare of the state and democracy between the people and this debate is for the equality and for the rights of the public. This show tells us what is right and wrong.

This Show helps us to gain knowledge about the world and what’s going on in the world is published. This social program started in the United States Of America for the welfare association of the Tamil Community and for their regional traditions. They show every festival in the show and their traditions and costumes and everything will be followed on the show. If everyone sees this they can learn what is going on in surroundings. We can learn how to support our rights and how to avoid wrong –doings.. The youth and student may get more knowledge about the country and the state and learn many things from it. By this show, we have more benefits.