Tamil Tv Show Maanada Mayilada Season 10

Maanada Mayilada Tamil Tv shows on Kalaingar tv

Maanada Mayilada is a Tamil television series, which is a reality show based on a dance competition. Since the year 2005, it has been airing on the Tamil channel of Kalaingar TV. Kala Master, who is quite a famous name in the industry, was the brains behind this show. He looked after the show’s production, and the direction, as well. In the show, he stood as the only judge who appeared on the show in all episodes. The judges who kept one making appearances alternatively are Kushboo Sundar, Simran, Rambha, Brinda, Prasanth, Namitha, Mumtaj, Meena, Chandran, Srikanth, and Sudha.

The show has produced about 10 seasons by now, and all the seasons were hosted by the same anchors, namely Keerthi and Sanjeev. The show featured various choreographers who trained the contestants for their performance. Anthony, Prem, Mani, Ramesh, Raghu, Rajesh, Chandru, Sandy, Nantha and Bala, are the choreographers. The show is originally appreciated for its extravagant dance themes, especially the décor of the sets that are uniquely made for each performance. Kala Master coins the concept of each dance's set's décor, and this becomes the highlight of the show. This season featured eight couples, and eight different choreographers mentored each of these couples. This year Artist Tamizh and Gokul appeared on the show as the entertainers.

One of the interesting occurrences of this season is that there will be two couples who will be coached by the same choreographer. It is the first time in Indian reality television’s history that something like this is happening. There was a declaration made by the Kala master, that as of then, there would not be whatsoever sort of eliminations till the show reaches its semi-finals.

During the show, the judge Rambha had to walk out of the show due to certain obligations. The reason was that she was pregnant. On her absence, Kala Master decided that Kushboo shall be the one to fill her seat, and eventually made her one of the permanent judges of the show. This year the prize distribution was done by the famous and renowned actors, who were especially known for their dancing abilities, Nayantara and Prabhu Deva.

The ceremony took place on the lands of United Arab Emirates, in Abu Dhabi, during 22 October of the same year. The show’s winner this season was Swetha and Bala. They were choreographed by Sandy, and as they won, so she received a cash prize, as well.