Tamil Tv Show Luckka Kickka Season 2

Luckka Kickka Season 2 Tamil tv-shows on Zee Tamil

Luckka Kickka Actress Roja had decided to make her step into the >> Read More... belongs to the reality game show genre. Zee Tamil broadcasted the show. It used to come every week on Saturday and Sunday at 7:00 PM. This season came with a bang providing more entertainment and fun to the audience. Roja, the popular actress of South, was the host for the show. It was a game show having 4 participants in every episode. Roja is the perfect choice as the host of the show with her cute antics which makes the show a complete entertainer. The way she tested the luck and skill of participants made the show more engaging.

Later, the show was telecasted for three days on every Monday to Wednesday at 9:30 PM. This season had more prizes, more fun, and entertainment. It tests the luck of all the participants. The anchor makes the show more enjoyable with her funny questions in all rounds. In the show, the participants were tested on the basis of their luck factor. It provides you with laughter along with entertainment and suspense. The participants were made to compete against each other in four different and fun-filled rounds. The rounds also included laughter and dance challenges. The rounds were vibrant and interesting. After every episode, one participant was eliminated.

The final round is one of the most exciting as it is the time after which a person having the greatest luck factor wins the show. TV serial actors were also seen as participants in the show along with normal youngsters in the age group of 18- 30. Some film artists also participated in the show. The challenges that the participants had to face required luck, presence of mind, and intelligence. The different thing about this game show was that no participants returned empty handed from this show which makes no participant loser. Attractive gifts and prizes were given to all. It was fun to see celebrities competing against normal public and taking part in all the rounds. The main part of the show was luck. The one who has more luck than others wins the show.

The show also had some rounds based on skill, apart from luck. The excellent thing about this show is that it is a family game show, unlike other reality shows which are majorly for youngsters. You can sit back with your whole family and have a nice time while enjoying the show. The show became very famous like its previous season. It is a fabulous show. People of any age group will like this show. It is a worth watching show for all the people. It is very entertaining and engaging. The show provides the wholesome family entertainment. Do watch it.