Tamil Tv Show Lollu Cafe Season 2

Lollu Cafe Season 2 Tamil TV SHOWS on Mukil TV

Lollu Café Season 2 is the second season of the Tamil language TV show Lollu Café. Mukil App TV has telecasted the season 2 of their famous show Lollu Café. The season 2 of the TV show came in the year 2016 on the television screens. Mukil App TV is an entertainment network that deals in all the avenues of entertainment be it radio, television, news, videos or any other media. The concept of Lollu Café Season 2 is also like radio only. Lollu Café Season 2 has episodes which are based on different topics and, concepts but there are no characters on screen talking about them. Just like a radio station has RJs to whom the audience listens to, the TV show with the concept of radio also has RJs that give the voice to each episode.

The episodes of the season 2 of Lollu Café came from many different topics like; Sports, News, General Knowledge questions-answers, games which are popular, jokes on various issues and, other entertaining topics. The show begins with its title music track after which the RJ starts speaking to the audience but as the concept of Mukil App TV is like a radio, so no one can see the RJ actually talking. The viewers saw a video of the episode that is running on the TV screen which has a background voice of the RJ. The videos are made beautifully by the the makers of Lollu Café Season 2. The videos at most capture the nature beautifully. These videos contain butterflies, flowers, animals, mountains, beaches, waterfalls, sky, sun, kids, stars and, sometimes the normal life of a being portrayed through animation.

The characters and the contents of the videos could relate to the episode of the day. RJ Siva has gained a lot of popularity also with her episodes where she cracked unlimited jokes. Lollu Café Season 2 not only has comical concepts but also deals with many thoughtful concepts. There are episodes on life philosophy, the famous sports played in India and, many more episodes like these. The episodes of unlimited jokes gained a huge amount of popularity. Makkal App TV provides wholesome entertainment for 24 hours to its viewers. The season 2 also received the same love from the audience as the season 1 of Lollu Café received. People also like watching this mix of the concept of Radio and TV. Lollu Café Season 2 is a perfect TV show to be enjoyed with a cup of coffee and enjoy different short episodes.