Tamil Tv Show Little Genius 2.0

Little Genius 2.0 Tamil TV SHOWS on VIJAY TV

It is the game show organized for Schools and Inter College kids in Vijay T.v. It is the quiz show for kids, this show consists of totally four rounds, for each round they offer 10,000 rupees for the winners. In the first round, they will select two people from both the groups and the two people will stand opposite and ask the question for another person. The questions will be the meanings of the each word given in 1 minute. So who will answer more questions they are the winners. And they will win the 10,000 cash prize from the robot.

The second level is a single person from each group is called and the anchor will ask the questions and the kids should answer the question, it is the buzzer round; after asking the question who presses the buzzer first they should answer and the robot will move one step front if one gives the right answer. For example if the person who gave all correct answers the robot moves towards him; he is the winner of that second round and they will get 10,000 rupees. In the third round also it is the questioning and answering round;each kid will come from each team and answer the questions;the questions are about movies and about hero’s, directors, singers etc. The anchor will ask the questions and the kids should answer. Who answers more will be the winners of that round and they get 10,000 rupees.

And the last round is the fourth round in this round there will be the true or false questions and the student from each group should come there and should answer the question in true or false and the winner will get 10,000 rupees. It is a game show of 4 rounds; each round they give 10,000 rupees for the winner and of the total amount they can win is 40,000 rupees. So this helps us to gain more general knowledge and also they can gain the game spirit and also present themselves and also by participating in this show they will avoid their stage fear and in future they will face everything strongly. This game show give them a good way of thinking. The participants will have a certificate of participation and or their further studies it means a lot.