Tamil Tv Show Lalithavin Paattukku Paattu

Lalithavin Paattukku Paattu Tamil TV SHOWS on SUN TV

Lalithavin Paattukku Paattu is a Tamil television reality show that airs on Sun TV. It is Sun Network that provides entertainment shows, serials, and movies along with the news. It completely engages the viewers in the seat for the whole day. This show Lalithavin Paattukku Paattu is a heavy singing competition show where the Sri Lankan radio broadcaster and presenter Mr. B.H. Abdul Hameed host the show. Galaxy under Ramesh Prabhu produces this series. Lalitha Jewelry Mart presents the series. The contestants are people who have singing talents. Here is a different concept competition in which two participants are invited to the stage to compete with each other. They gave a bell to The music band team under U.K. Murali.

The head asks one contestant to sing their favorite song on the stage. If he first sings in this episode, the other one is allowed to sing next if he continues in the show. Or else the other contestant is allowed to sing. U.K. Murali, who is in the back of the stage, will press the bell during any word in the lyrics' song. The other contestant should start the verse from the first letter of the term. They give them one minute time for him to think about the poem. Those who delay singing the songs or sings the wrong or mistake in lyrics head disqualifies him and he is unable to participate. They give the chance to the next participant who awaits with the maximum points. Then the competition is continued with the same rules.

If he disqualifies, they change the opposite contestants. But the disqualified one is given prizes according to their points. The award is gold coins by Lalitha jewelry. For the first, second, and third prize winners, the managing director of Lalitha Jewelry Mart, Kiran, along with his spouse Hemaavathi Kiran, will give prizes. They also invite artists as special guests, including Krish, Chinmayi Sripradha, Deva, Srikanth Deva, S.A. Rajkumar, Vijay, Yuvan Vidhyasagar, Bharani, Bharadwaj, Manishkumar, and more playback singers. They also get special prizes from the director. They also sing their favorite songs at the end of the show. This show airs on Sundays at 08:30 PM. After the succession of this show, this continued in Kalaignar TV in late 2000. It was one of the favorite shows of 90’s kids. It also gets popularity through its unique concept and the voice slang of the host.