Tamil Tv Show Konjam Uppu Konjam Karam

Konjam Uppu Konjam Karam Tamil tv-shows on Sun Music

KonjamUppuKonjamKaram is a Tamil show which is aired on sun music channel.it is a food show which talks about food and the different flavors of various items which we eat and how they are prepared.The host goes around the entire Tamil Nadu visiting different restaurants or hang-out places where the food is good and tastes the food there.He talks to the hotel manager and the hotel staff about the restaurant and its history and its specialty.The people who are a regular in the restaurant also talk about their favorite dishes in the episodes. The manager talks about the hotel, in general, an d why is it famous. The year it was made and with what intention the owner made it.He talks about every detail of the place which makes host, as well as the audience, feel connected.

The audience takes an interest in the food items prepared by the chefs and like to know more about it.The chef of the hotel and the other staff are also interviewed about their experiences and feelings. They talk about their most popular dishes and the amount of dedication and passion with which they make each item and serve it to their guests.Many hotels or restaurants or eateries have been showcased in the show.Sometimes it has becomes beneficial for the restaurants as it has garnered a lot of visitors and foodies.Many times there are many eatery joints or hotels or restaurants or hang out places which are not that well known to the crowd.They may have amazing food but their popularity or fame is not much because of many reasons such as a poor advertisement or because of opening recently.

If they are featured on this show and the food and ambiance are appreciated then their popularity and sales will increase and will be skyrocketing.Human beings are social animals, but they are also huge food addicts.99 percent f the human beings love to eat and are very particular about what they like and what they prefer.Some may like Chinese or some may like Indian or some may like Thai cuisine etc.There are also some who love all types of food items and love to experiment in different hotels and restaurants to taste the food and compare them with each other.This show is for them.They see the hotels or restaurants and get to know of its existence.Irrespectively or respectively of what the host feels about the food they go and visit and taste the food.