Tamil Tv Show Konjam Soru Konjam Varalaru

Konjam Soru Konjam Varalaru Tamil tv-shows on PuthuYugam TV



Konjam Soru Konjam Varalaru is a type of cooking show. Puthuyugam TV broadcasted it. Hari was the anchor cum producer of the show. Hari directed it also. Later, the show was shifted to Puthiya Thalaimurai TV. The literal meaning of the show is “Little Food Little History”. The main aim of the show is to showcase the food and history related to it. As we know that food culture of a specific region has changed with time and also with people shifting to or from those specific places, this show tells you about all of it. The anchor of the show explains the history and origin of different ingredients. He also tells about how they became kitchen necessity. The anchor visits different places and then different regions of that place are shown which are famous for food. Road side eateries are also included in the show.

The special and famous dishes of that place are also shown. As the host visits that particular place, he becomes aware of the dish and place where it is formed the best. He talks to the localities and gets the recipe of that dish. In every episode, the host takes up a dish and shows its history and recipe. The recipes shown in the show are very easy and helpful. The anchor explores the background of not only indigenous food but also of food items having foreign origin. This makes the show to stand out amongst all the other shows. In one of the episode of the show, they told about Panruti which is a town in Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu.

It is famous for Cashews and Jackfruit. They showed the etymology of Jackfruit. Its origin was from a Malayalam work called Chakka, and then it became Jaca, and finally got converted to Jackfruit. They also showed recipe of “Jackfruit seed raw mango gravy”. Sivaranjani Rajendran (Ranjani) made Grape Jam in the show for Christmas special episode. Normally, cookery shows only tell you the recipes, but this show provides you with more than any other as it give you interesting historical facts about them also. It covers all the food items ranging from the time of Vasco Da Gama to the present day.

Food items like mutta surgam, alleesa, mutta mala, kozhi, pathri, and neisoru are included in the show. If you love cooking, then this show is a must for you. Watch this show not only for historical facts but also for amazing and delicious recipes.