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Konjam Arattai Konjam Settai is a Tamil TV show which started airing in 2010. It is a comedy serial in which the host goes on asking questions to the general public. Aravindan is the host of the show. He walks around the city with a mike in his hand, and irritates people by asking them silly questions.

Aravindan is a professional comedian, and by being the presenter on the serial, he finally made it into the world of TV. This is first professional TV show. It is a two man show, the host and the cameraman, and they walk around Chennai and other cities, interviewing people and having a little chat with them.

There are many shows which follow the format, and there's nothing new to it. In Tamil Nadu alone there are many such serials broadcasted at different TV channels. It is aired five days a week and has a runtime of twenty-two minutes.

Aravindan is an engineering college graduate. After working at various software companies, he realised that the corporate world is not for him. It made him work like a machine, which was extremely difficult for him. You want to have your own rights and freedom, and not be someone else's servant. After a few years of working in this sector, he finally quit his job and started his journey towards his goal. He became a stand-up comedian, performing at various events and show. After a year or so, he finally got his chance in Konjam Arattai Konjam Settai. In it, he and his cameraman would walk around various places, like the mall, shopping complexes, the beach, railway station, airport, and other places. They will be stop a passerby and ask him various questions. Aravindan would try to turn into a comical piece by imitating the speaker.

Aravindan’s imitation skills are quite popular in the world of TV. He will interview old and young women, old and young men, teenagers, girls, boys and little kids. It doesn't matter of the person is rich or poor, nobody is spared. The show has a little over hundred episodes, and it wasn't a huge hit with the audience, probably because of its lame jokes and cheap production. The show can be now viewed on YouTube and other major online video websites.