Tamil Tv Show Kollywood King

Kollywood King Tamil tv-shows on VIJAY TV

Kollywood King belongs to the reality game show genre. Star Vijay aired it. It started on 27th October 2012. It used to come every week on Saturday at 8 PM. The series had 26 episodes. It was a quiz show. Venkat Prabhu was the host for the show. This show was his TV debut project. He is a very popular director. In the show, the participants were ardent fans of different Kollywood actors. The set of the show reflected the Kollywood charisma. The shooting for the show was done at AVM studios. It was a weekend reality show to find the most knowledgeable fan of every Kollywood celebrity. The auditions for the show were held on a large scale. 50 participants were asked questions based on the Kollywood stars by Venkat Prabhu in every episode.

The elimination policy of the show was based on the answers given by the participants. The one giving wrong answers was eliminated, and the one reaching the end was declared as the winner of Kollywood King quiz show. Venkat Prabhu hosted the show while he was busy in making his film, Biriyani, with Karthik. Every episode had fans of a particular actor as participants. They were asked questions about their favorite actor and were also asked to share interesting trivia about celebrities. The one who was able to stay until the end was the title winner for that particular episode. Venkat was chosen as the host because of his connection with almost all actors of Kollywood. He shared lesser known facts with the participants giving right answers related to their favorite actors.

He also discussed the amusing incidents that had happened to them. The surprise factor of the show was that whenever any star was available, he/she used to come on the show, and interact with the participants. The stars were not only the current ones but also the yesteryear ones. The winner was able to win up to Rs. 10 lakh as a prize in every episode. Fifteen questions were asked in every episode, and each question was given the maximum time of 30 seconds to answer it. There was no lifeline available, and the questions were objective. The questions had 2-4 options according to the difficulty level.

When the participant used to give the right answer, the prize money became double of the previous one every time. Venkat Prabhu with his sense of humor and wit makes the show worth watching. Having grown up in a film based family; he had lots of interesting trivia and surprises in store for the audience and the participants. The format of the show included asking random questions from audience present at the studio and also from the people watching the show from their home. The show was a very entertaining movie based quiz show. The show is a must for the movie buffs as it provides you the lesser known information. It also helps you to know your favorite star a bit more.