Tamil Tv Show Kitchen Superstar Juniors

Kitchen Superstar Juniors Tamil Tv shows on Vijay tv

Kitchen Superstar Juniors is a Tamil reality show under the genre of cooking. It is broadcasted on Vijay TV and appeared in 2014 where the junior population of Tamil Nadu was invited to the cookery show to offer the audience with their talents of cooking. For the first time in the history of serials, a junior cooking competition is held fascinating a huge number of children all around the state to come and participate in it. It is extraordinary how the judges managed to judge these little children, who are sensitive, without hurting the emotions of anyone of them.

Along with chefs, Yuvanraj Nethran, Venkatesh Bhat and Dhamu junior cooking stars have learned, enjoyed and competed in the show. All three judges are famous chefs of Tamil Nadu, their very existence in the show has made is big and inspiring for junior chefs to put forward their talent in it. Beginning from the first day, all the chefs have been very kind and treacherous for the children and have guided them in every way possible. Venkatesh Bhat is a famous chef, despite the fact that he is a vegetarian; he is also efficient at non-vegetarian dishes. He is the CEO of any hotels and holds a respectable status in both cooking and business society.

He is a combination of both the aspects of working that are needed to progress in life. Similarly, Chef Nethran is also a multi-tasking person. He is not only a good chef but also an actor and a stand-up Comedian. He started television his career as a supporting actor in serials and slowly gained fame. Later, he appeared in the reality show Jodi no. 1 which made him extremely likeable. He hosted the same show in its next season for which he performed for in its first season. His comic skills are competitive. The thirds chef on the show is Dhamu, the well-known entrepreneur and comedian who is famous for his talents in both the fields. He is a devoted follower of Dr Abdul Kalam and is working on the project of Student Trainer Lead India Movement 2020. 

The productivity that Kitchen Superstar Juniors possess is evident from the choice of the contestants that are gods own messengers, the children, and the professional judges who not only motivate them but also make them learn the art of cooking. The grand finale of the show is shot twice as it was difficult to choose the winner, the judges could not make their choice correctly. This came as a sign of extreme talent inhibited in the coming generations.