Tamil Tv Show Kitchen Super Star - Season 4

Kitchen Super Star - Season 4 Tamil TV SHOWS on VIJAY TV

Kitchen Super Star Kitchen Super star – Season 3 started on 2nd Augus >> Read More... Season 4 commenced on 14th February 2015 on Star Vijay. It had 22 episodes which came to an end on 11th July 2015. Suresh was the presenter of the show and judge also. The co- judges, were Chef Venkatesh Bhatt and Chef Dhamu. It was a Tamil reality cooking show. It was created by Shine Limited. It was the first show having culinary competition between famous people in Tamil television. In this show, people of different fields complete against each other for the title of the Kitchen Super Star. The participants of the show are people who are already famous in their respective fields. It had twelve celebrities as participants. All the participants had one person beside them as their team member, be it a family member or a friend. It could be called Kitchen Super Star Doubles.

In the show, participants were to compete against each other in various kitchen showdowns and survive till the end. The participants for the 4th season were: Mathumila, Jennifer, Kamal, Nirmala, Vadivel Balaji Vadivel Balaji is a Chennai based Tamil actor work >> Read More... , Chinna Ponnu, Divya, Ramar, Ophelia, Soundarya, Azhagesan ‘Thatha’, and Aajeedh. The show was not only a cooking competition, but it had emotions attached to it. The celebrities had a tough competition ahead of them every week. The show had various challenges based on time, task, temperament, taste, etc. Contestants had to compete in all these challenges and impress the judges to reach the next level.

At the end of every episode, the judges, Chef Venkatesh Bhatt, and Chef Dhamu, used to make different dishes which are tasty but can be made in less time. The contestants showcased their cooking talent by making fabulous dishes. The participants also showed various performances like mimicry, singing, etc. on judge’s requests. In one of the episodes, Chinna Ponnu bought a cake from outside and displayed it for which she was given a very difficult task, i.e., cooking without oil or ghee or butter, but still, the food made by her got lots of praises by judges.

The semi-finals had two rounds, one between Jennifer (Team A) and Balaji (Team B); other between Chinna Ponnu (Team C), and Mathumila (Team D). Tasks given to them were very challenging, but they had an opportunity to show their passion and cook wonderfully to enter the finals. Even after not being in semi-finals, Soundarya and Nirmala reached the finals as wild card entry. Finally, the winner of the Kitchen Super Star Season 4 was Team Jennifer (Jennifer and Travaline), and the runner-up was Team Nirmala (Nirmala and Thara).