Tamil Tv Show Kitchen Super Star Season 3

Kitchen Super Star Season 3 Tamil TV SHOWS on VIJAY TV

Kitchen Super Star is a Tamil TV show based on a concept never seen before in South Indian television. It is a competitive cooking show. Not only this show is like any ordinary cooking competition, but to spice things up, this show also contains celebrities as contestants! It is a competitive cooking show between famous people from the Tamil TV industry. It has celebrated personalities that include TV anchors and actors. When it first aired, it was the first cooking competition in Tamil TV. It is a culinary competition between the celebrated. It is like Masterchef but between well-famed stars.

There have been four seasons of this TV thus far. It has received a remarkable response from the audience. The winners of each season for the past four seasons are, Season1: ‘ Pooja Lokesh’, Season 2: ‘ Sindhu Shyam’, Season 3: ‘Nandhini Myna’, Season 4: ‘ Nancy Jennifer, and Travaline’.

Pooja Lokesh is a famous name amongst the Tamil Television industry. In the very first episodes of the show, she got eliminated, but then regained her position in the cookery show as a wild card entry. She then went on to showcase her culinary skills to the audience and become the winner. Her winning meal was “Chicken Herb Rice” with a yogurt dessert.

Another famous Tamil TV actress, Sindhu Shyam is known for her roles in “Sriram Sridevi”, “ Kalyanam”, “ Rekha IPS” and so on. She is known to be great at many things and proved her knack for cooking as well. Well-known for her unique dishes, she went on to become the winner of season 2.

Nandhini Myna is a television actress best-known for her role in the TV show “Saravanan Meenakshi”. She participated in season 3 of this TV show. Season 3 was popular for its fierce competition because of the talented participants present. Nandhini won based on her consistency and was known to be appreciated by both audience and judges.

The winners of the Season 4 were Jennifer and Travaline. Don’t get confused with the two names mentioned. The result of this show was not a tie. Instead, the show’s format had changed. In Season 4 of Kitchen Super Star, the contestants participated as duos. The duo was known to make delicious meals. Of the duo, Nancy Jennifer is a known name in the Tamil industry. She began her career as a child artist and has worked in several Tamil films to date.

The judges on this show are a triumphant trio which includes; ‘ Chef Venkatesh Bhat’, ‘ Suresh’, and Dr. ‘ Dhamu’. This show airs on Vijay TV.