Tamil Tv Show Kelvikkalam

Kelvikkalam Tamil tv-shows on YouTube Channel

Kelvikkalam is a famous one - of - a - kind tamil news show that is aired on Tamil language channel Vasanth TV. As the name suggests Kelvikkalam is a news show which includes interviews with various controversial celebrities, politicians, opposition parties as well as other news making people like social analysts etc. The format of the program invites important people from all over the state and ask questions that have been posted to them by the public through various channels like social media, letters, and calls etc. to be asked from the guest.

The next week’s guest reveal is done at the end of the previous show so that the people get enough time to send in their questions. This show provides an extremely important platform for the public as well as the youth of the nation to watch, decide and choose wisely their potential political representatives based on their aims, ideology as well as their controversies. Many questions asked by the host are usually hard to answer for the guests and they do not provide a straight answer to it rather they bend it around and answers selected parts but the public is no fool to judge their smart activity and shows their decision in the form of votes.

The show really provides a transparent image of the political as well as other important parties in front of the public putting them in the judge’s seat to decide, unlike other shows which are usually opposite and ask scripted questions. In 2014 a major political news about the breaking up of the Congress party in Tamil Nadu created a havoc in the minds of the people until the party head and other workers were called by the show and things sorted out as the problems, the differences and the reasons for conflict were opened up by the head who also provided the solutions that were not allowed to apply in order to solve it. There have been many fights on the show mostly oral that is by the use of words only.

The main cause for the fight is a slight disparity in the opinion or ideology of the parties and each one of them try to suppress the other and establish their superiority. Christopher, who is generally the host of the show does an amazing job in asking the right question at the right time and demanding an explanation. The serial is available on both online as well as offline platforms.