Tamil Tv Show Kedi Boys Killadi Girls

Kedi Boys Killadi Girls Tamil tv-shows on VIJAY TV

Kedi Boys Killadi Girls is a reality show under the genre of singing where young boys and girls compete to win the competition. These young children are the upcoming stars of the generation who will carry forward the tradition of Tamil Nadu and South India along their talent. The show broadcasted on Star Vijay TV in the year 2013 and aired on the 21st July. Initially, it shared a stage with the show ‘Super Singer season 4’, recognising the popularity of this show Vijay TV gave it the opportunity to stand as the individual serial.

The show is popularly likeable and consists of very talented children. The anchor of the show is beautiful Ramya Subramanian, a famous anchor of Tamil reality shows. She has worked with many other concerts, serving as an anchor she has gained a huge fan following; her kind and loving nature are very attractive and motivating for both viewers and participants, judges of the show admire her dignity. Her personality is such that anyone who meets her regards her with dignity; her calmness is the description of her successful career. Ramya is very friendly with the participants of Kedi Boys Killadi Girls, precisely with the girl’s team, she bonds like an elder sister. She serves them as an advisor, guardian and a friend on the show while they are away from their houses, parents and friends.

The timing of the show is 11 AM of every Sunday when all the children can also watch it while enjoying the weekend at home. The participants compete in two teams, one of the boys and, another of girls. It is a competition between them and finally one wins either from the team of boys or girls. The judges are very kind and sweet to the contestants and Lata Mangeshkar is a part of the jury as well. Her presence makes the show glee in happiness and lighting; her voice spreads melodiously around the set in every ear present there. She is the epitome, legend and god of singing.

The young minds are obliged to be in her judgement. The show is a big platform for those children who wish to make a career in singing, with appropriate guidance and lessons the judges on the show, the competitive spirit of competitors and the support of parents can make a child rise above his fears and become a sensational singing star.