Tamil Tv Show Kathai Alla Nijam

Kathai Alla Nijam Tamil Tv shows on Vijay tv

Actress Lakshmi of Julie fame hosted the first season of Kadhai Alla Nijam. She made her comeback again by hosting the second season of the same show. The show was a television reality-justice show about real-life situations. The series premiered on the television channel, Vijay TV and was a platform for settling disputes between consenting individuals.

The series was based on real-life disputes. Actress Lakshmi was allowed to settle the dispute. When the show was premiered, the spokesperson of Vijay TV channel had opined that the channel’s aim was not to give any concrete solution to the family or any other disputes in social life but, at least, to throw a light on such issues.

The organizer of the show arranged a meeting between two parties in the studio, and it was recorded and later telecast. The show was meant for homemakers and hence the show was fixed to air at noon time. But due to demand of women folks who were working, the show was telecast at the prime time as well.

Some episodes focused on how a kidnapped child, in the end, landed up in a dispute between his biological parents and the family who saved the child. It also showed how two warring villages settled to make peace on the show and so on.