Tamil Tv Show Kaala Suvadugal

Kaala Suvadugal Tamil TV SHOWS on Imayam TV

Kaala Suvadugal is a documentary based show is the Tamil language that aired on the channel, Imayam TV. Imayam TV is a satellite based infotainment channel launched and operated by Bharat Entertainment Private Limited. The channel mainly features talk shows and interactive programs. Kaala Suvadugal was launched a few years back and was aired on the channel in various different time slots. The show was telecasted at 10:30 p.m., 2:30 p.m. and a few other time slots on every day of the week, that is, from Monday to Sunday.

The runtime of each episode of the show was 30 minutes. Kaala Suvadugal is a history based documentary show. As the name of the show suggests, “Kaala Suvadugal” means “time traces.” The show takes you down the pages of history and talks about various historic and pre historic events.

There is no dearth of documentary shows in the television industry. However, this show has a unique idea in itself. It was one of the first shows in South Indian television industry to bring forth an idea like this. The tagline of the show says “This week…That year.” The host of the show talks about different epic events from the history of the world that occurred on the same date in a past year. From the rise of Prophet Mohammad to the World Wars, the show takes you on a detailed journey through a time line.

The show talks in detail about the incidents that took place on the very same date, the cause and effect that these incidents had on the future of mankind and how they completely changed the face of history. The show also gives you an insight into the lives of various iconic personalities and historical legends that were born on the date and how they went on to make a place in the books of world history. The show gives you a peak about historic wars and natural disasters and any such phenomenon that has been recorded in history.

Some of these events took place in the very state of Tamil Nadu. Any event that existed on the face of this earth on that particular daybe it from Indian history or world history, stories of legends or wonders of the universe, you will find a vivid and elaborate showcase of all such incidents on this show. The show is hosted by VJ Subha. However, she does not narrate the stories. These stories of the historic events are narrated by a male voice in the background.