Tamil Tv Show Junior Superstars Season 1

Junior Superstars Season 1 Tamil tv-shows on VIJAY TV

Junior Superstars is a Tamil television show that has kids aged between the years 5-13 contesting for a spot in the finals. This is a reality show where the kids will be judged on their calibers. Every kid who is talented in any field can participate in this show, which is a podium for finding the best talent across the state. They are put through a series of challenges and tasks where they will be judged based purely on their talent, skills, creativity, and spontaneity. In the process, they are also shedding off their fears and their inhibitions slowly, thus emerging as better and more confident versions of themselves. Usually, many kids suffer from the fear of stages, thus inhibiting their abilities. But this program serves as one of the biggest podiums for the kids to showcase and hone their talents at a very young age, thus eliminating the state of nervousness.

But this is a competition where the kids have to battle it out. In this race for the best junior superstar, who will emerge a winner? The first season of this show was conducted last year, i.e. in 2016. Keerthi Lishee is the host of this show, who creates a positive atmosphere around the kids which enables them to feel at ease with being on television at a young age. The show has successfully completed forty episodes; the last one being aired on the 18th of December, 2016. Ashwanth emerged as the winner of the 1st season, Vaneesa, and Pavithra stood second and third positions respectively. These were among the thousands that auditioned for this show, in Chennai on July 3rd. The final cuts of the footages made it on air on the Zee Tamil channel.

All the children exposed their skills on the stage, barely aware that it was a competition they were in, but rather the innocent fun they had while showcasing their talents was a pleasure to see. Some of the best performances even got noticed all over the country through YouTube. With the success of the first season, the second season of Junior Superstars is in the making, with even better opportunities for the kids who contest. The judges of this show were Archana, Khushboo, and K.Bhagyaraj. Bhagyaraj is a Tamil film producer, director, actor, and music composer. He has written a number of novels as well. The other two are actresses who form the judging panel for this show. Other special guests who made an appearance were Robo Shankar, Lakshmy Ramakrishnan, and Sathish.

With their experience and knowledge, they were able to judge the children accordingly, without intimidating them, but rather helping them to bring out the best in their talents. These people, as guests, got the kids excited and eager to showcase their talents even more, in order to please someone superior. This is one of the reasons special guests are called, to expose the show to the other parts of the state as well as enabling the kids to bring out the best in them. Already, the show has emerged as one of the most popular thanks to the viewers who are addicted to this.