Tamil Tv Show Junior Superstars

Junior Superstars  Tamil TV SHOWS on Zee Tamil

Junior Superstars is a Tamil language reality TV show. Zee Tamil telecasted the TV show Junior Superstars for the Tamil viewers in the year 2016. Junior Superstars is a reality TV talent hunt show. The show has children as its participants. The age of the children participating in the show varies from 5 years to 13 years. The talent hunt TV show runs through a major series of challenges and, tasks that the children have to perform. The children are provided with an easy atmosphere where the children could showcase their talents. The TV show brought to light the talent of acting, spontaneity and, creativity together. With this TV show, Zee Tamil also introduced its new format that too in a non-fiction category. The first episode of the TV show Junior Superstars came on air on 6th August 2016.

The host of this talent show was the charismatic and beautiful Ms. ‘ Keerthi’. The panel of judges of the talent show included the popular actors like Ms Archana, Ms. Kushboo and, Mr. Bhayaraj. In each episode there were new tasks, new themes, new concepts that would make the show competitive and also evolve the children as actors. The children performed various skits in the show as per their story and, character. The skit could be of any sort, it could be comical, emotional, religious, patriotic, filmy, non- filmy, realistic or any other kind. Later on after each performance the judges would give comments on everything starting from the body language to dialogue delivery, the hold of character, the space given to the fellow actors and other parameters like these. The judges judged each performance critically.

The 40th episode telecasted on 18th December 2016 was the grand finale of the TV show. In the grand finale Lisha bagged the fourth position of Junior Superstars. Pavithra was the third runner up. Vanesa was the second runner up. Ashwanth won the title and trophy of Zee Tamil Junior Superstars 2016. The TV show Junior Superstars came up with a total of 40 episodes. The show gave a huge platform to the children to showcase their acting skills. The judges of the show always provided the ease, love, tips and remarks to the children to make them as comfortable as possible so that they can enjoy their characters completely. The children also took keen interest in their work and worked hard to showcase their acting skills and also to win the show. The audience of the Zee Tamil channel loved watching the TV show. It was a hit TV show on the Tamil TV screens.