Tamil Tv Show Jodi No 1 Season 7

Jodi No 1 Season 7 Tamil tv-shows on VIJAY TV

Jodi Number One is a Tamil reality dance show aired on Indian Television Channel Star Vijay. The show started in the year 2006 and has a total number of eight seasons as of now. Most of the contestants participating in the show are couples who already act in television shows.

The seventh season of this show had a new twist to it. For the first time in this season, the contestants were eliminated individually rather as a pair. Every week one male and one female contestant were eliminated on the basis of their scores. The first two contestants who were eliminated due to this system were Vetri and Shalini.

There were a total of eleven couples in the show. The first place was secured by Amudhavanan, who is a comedian and Anandhi, who is a television Actress. The second place was secured by Lokesh who is an actor-cum-dancer, and Sunita Gogoi Sunita Gogoi is an actress and a dancer. She is be >> Read More... who is a dancer. The third place was secured by Siddhath and Priya both of whom are actors.

The seventh season of this popular reality show was hosted by Divyadarshini who is a versatile Television actor. There were five judges in the show. One of them, Radha is an Actress. Radhika, another actress was a judge in the fourth episode, the folk round. The third judge was Kalyan who is a choreographer. The fourth and the fifth judges were Sreedhar and Gayatri Raguram, also choreographers, judged in the Old Songs Round.