Tamil Tv Show Jodi No 1 Season 5

Jodi No. 1 Season 5 is a Tamil television series, which is a reality show based on a dance competition. The show is telecasted in the Tamil channel of Vijay TV. The point of difference that this show sets in the array of dance competitions is that it only keeps television celebrities as its contestants. Since the year 2006, since its launch, it has produced and telecasted about eight seasons in total. The show comes on the television at 8 p.m. on every Sunday. In this show, the fans of these famous television personalities get to see one of their different sides. Here the celebrities portray their unique dance abilities and attempt to dazzle the judges. The original series from which this show’s concept is derived is the famous NachBaliye. The show takes in four different couples, who are together in real life as well, and four more couples, who are on-screen or fictional pairs. They are then engaged in a thirteen-week dance competition.

The panel which judges the show includes Ramya Krishnan, Dance Master Kala, and the very popular actor Prashanth. During the show, the judges decide the two couples who are going to become the season’s finalists, and the viewers add a third pair to the list of finalists. The show has a unique element in which the couples’ families, friends, and lifestyle are shown. This year marked a new element, with the entrance of children in the show. Even the concept of couples was reversed, as they pairs made year had two of the same gender rather than opposite. The show is hosted and anchored by the Sivakarthikeyan, who had been a contestant on the first season of the show.

An international couple was introduced in the year’s show, which is also a first for the show. This season’s winner was Jayanth and Manoj, and the finale took place on 6 November 2011. A total number of 14 rounds were conducted in this season to test the contestants dancing capabilities. Three anchors hosted the season, and a total number of eleven personalities appeared on the show as judges, including the guest judges. 10 pairs set the stage on fire this season, along with many new dancing styles and an extravagant stage.

Although the pair from Singapore were amazing in their performances, to certain national obligations of their country they had to leave the show in between and go back to their countries of origin.