Tamil Tv Show Jodi No 1 Season 1

Jodi No 1 Tamil Tv shows on Vijay tv
Jodi no 1 is a dance reality show which was started by Vijay TV. This was one of its innovative ventures where couples acting in serials were selected and paired to dance together. The channel also tied up dance schools like John Britto’s and Raack’s academy of dance to train these artists to perform in the reality show.

Right now, this show is into its 7th season. This season is presided over by veteran actress Radha and famous dance director Kalyan. They have selected 4 pairs as finalists. They are Sunitha and Lokesh, Yuvaraj and Jennifer, Amudhavanan and Shivani and Siddarth and Priya.

The couples eliminated during the season are the following in order of their elimination – Vetrivel and Shalini, Sai Prashanth Sai Prashanth is a well known serial actor who has >> Read More... and Nandhini, Karthik and Sujibala, Sai Sakthi and Julie and finally, Vijay and Ananthi.

Vijay TV is well known for its innovative ideas. In Jodi no 1 season 7, the innovation came in the elimination process. Generally, when even one of the pair does not perform well the couple was eliminated. Seeing this as a disadvantage to those who perform well and still cannot continue, the organizers declared that if one of the pair does not perform well, then only they will be eliminated and the remaining person will be paired with someone else. In other words, every week one male and one female contestant will be eliminated based on their performance. However, they need not necessarily be the ones who were paired together. Hence, when Karthik got eliminated, Jennifer was paired with Yuvaraj whose pair was also eliminated.

This show is aired every Saturday at 9:00 PM on Vijay TV and the viewers are eagerly waiting for the Finals to see whether their favorite couple wins the prize.