Tamil Tv Show Jaya Super Singer South India

Jaya Super Singer South India Tamil TV SHOWS on JAYA TV

Jaya Super Singer South India is a Tamil reality television show. This reality show is a singing competition. It had been telecasted in Jaya TV. This reality television show wants to bring up the talents in playback singing in South India. The parent sponsors of this reality television show are RamcoSupergrade and Ramco Cements. This reality television show had been powered by The Chennai Silks. The co-presenter of this reality television show is NAC Jewellers. This reality television show came to television for the first time on 20 September 2014. It had been telecasted on weekend nights.

The show time is 8:00 p.m., and it had been telecasted on Jaya TV. The final and last episode had been aired on 30 August 2015, at the same time and on the same channel. The total number of episodes that had been produced for this reality television show were ninety-nine. Each episode was timed approximately one hour in length. The location of this reality television show was Tamil Nadu, India. The show had been formatted in the mannerism of reality show. It begins with open auditions, which had been conducted all across South Indian states.

The states in which these selection rounds were conducted had been Andhra Pradesh, Kerela, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. During these auditions, the contestants are brought in front of a panel, who judges the contestants on the songs they sing. All the selected candidates go further into the final level of auditions, for the selection of top twenty. This final round had been conducted in Chennai. The panel of judges here is different from the ones who were in open auditions. Eventually, twenty best singers are selected as season finalists.

These finalists compete against each other in this reality television show. At this stage, the contestants are accompanied by a live musical orchestral, Ganesh Kirupa Light Music Orchestra, who plays the instrumentals of the songs that the contestants sing over. The top twenty competitors had to save themselves from elimination by performing to their best abilities. In the end, the winner of the show, or the best playback singer in South India, had been awarded the trophy of this reality show. The direction of this show had been looked after by MS Senthil Kumar.

This reality television show had been presented by Vaishali. The judges on the show, which means, after the top twenty had been selected, had beenBarathwaj, NithyasreeMahadevan, and SP. Sailaja. The judges were all very renowned and respected personalities of the South Indian music industry. This reality television show had been originally released in a span of nine months. It began in 20 September 2014 and ended on 30 August 2015.