Tamil Tv Show Isai Unplugged

Isai Unplugged Tamil SONGS on Zee Tamil

Isai Unplugged is a Tamil show which used to air on Zee Tamil channel. In this serial, they used to display the collaborations of various musicians. All the singers used to come together and sing some of famous and hit songs of the industry and used to celebrate the journey of music in their lives. They showed people the importance of singing and music in the lives of an individual. The series used to aim in having fun and freedom which were given to the musicians. The show used to air in 2013. Thus this serial is a tribute to all the people who love music.

 The collaboration of these singers and singing the hit song of famous music directors which are still in the ears of the viewers are played on this show. The folks like the original version of the songs and love listening to them. Thus it will touch the heart of the audience and make them dance to the tunes of these legendary and standard tracks. This famous show was liked by the spectators a lot and made them recollect their past memories. The serial helped them to listen to the long lost songs which are still the favourite of the audience. This small joint venture of all these singers assisted in achieving the aim of the show. Therefore each and every episode of the series a lot a good and terribly overwhelming response from the viewers and thus made it to the most watched serials of its time with such high TRPs.

Hence it is a tribute to all the legendary music directors and acts as a place of heaven for all the music lovers, as here they come to know a lot about music and the industry. They can learn a lot from the experienced people of the fraternity so that they could also improve their skills in it. Thus this a small collaboration was liked very much by the audience and they also got to hear some of the works done by the notable people in the industry. Therefore it was one of its kind serial aims at the re-invention of old songs into new and also on some new tunes, most of them singing in original tone. Thus it became one of the favourite shows on television which were liked by all the individuals from all walks of life.