Tamil Tv Show Iruvar

Iruvar Tamil TV SHOWS on Vendhar TV

Iruvar is the weekend competitive reality show, which is the platform to show the talents of identical twins. The show, which is said to be a unique initiative on television. Jagan and Mythili are the presenters. Arun Vijay and Iniya are the judges of the show. The show is aired every Saturday at 9 pm. Here is the first Indian reality show in which all the talented twins across the world compete with each other for the coveted title. The identical twins battle out each other in the stage. They expose their talents in front of the judges and audience to prove their uniqueness. There are many rounds and elimination in the show.

In each episode, the judges impose a different level of games for the contestants for each event. There are numerous varieties of rounds for the twins to win that episode. First, they invite twins, and both play in different sequences. And the final winner is determined by different competitive rounds. They showcase their unique talent through singing, dancing, team coordination, and many more exciting games. Vijay Kumar Vijayan is the director of the show. The celebrity twins Arun and Aravind were also the participants of the show. The contestants of the show are only twins, and that is the individuality of the show. Their talents are uncommon and undefined. K.G.Jayavel, with JV Media Dreams, produced this show.