Tamil Tv Show Ippadikku Idhayam

Ippadikku Idhayam Tamil TV SHOWS on Mukil TV

Ippadikku Idhayam is a show aired on the Mukil App. The show is broadcasted in the Tamil language. The content of the show is based on love, relationships, marriage and romance. The style of the Ippadikku Idhayam is inspired by the talk shows that became successful on late night radio where hosts talked to various people and learned about their experiences regarding love, relationships and romance. These shows also played music which had romantic themes.

Ippadikku Idhayam brings this format to the television and improves it. Each episode of the show is divided into two segments. One is dedicated to romantic fiction and literature and the second is dedicated to the famous anecdotes that are explained with various incidents. The themes of the show are mature and adult. The show is not raunchy or demeaning towards romance but takes a mature and respectful approach towards the same. The first segment consists of a discussion about literature from all languages in the romance genre.

The show brings some of the best-written stories, poems, proses and short stories for the people to enjoy. Along with narrating these stories, the show also has the host explaining the content of the literature. In the case of poems, the narrator devotes time to explaining the deeper meaning behind the poems. It lets the viewers appreciate the poem more and truly get what the poet was trying to convey through the poem. The second segment of Ippadikku Idhayam leaps from fiction to real life. The inspiration for this segment comes from the people who’ve had encounters in romance.

The stories in this part come from these people and the show presents them in a story-telling fashion. The experiences of people vary from relationships, heartbreaks to romantic encounters. These include people in relationships and marriages who talk about how they came together and what they like about each other. They also talk about the struggle they have to go through against the society’s prejudices. These stories are real and humane and do not have any element of fiction. Since the people can relate to them, it makes these stories more appealing to them.

People who love romantic movies and television shows will appreciate this one. Rather than shows with similar storylines, this show brings stories from all kinds of people. Their experiences are varied and the viewers will surely appreciate them. The stories are heart-warming, genuine and will surely strike a chord with the viewers.