Tamil Tv Show Illatharasi

Illatharasi is a Tamil soap opera which used be broadcasted on Captain TV. It was aired on weekdays, at prime time. It has a runtime of twenty-five minutes. The story takes place in a small town in Tamil Nadu. Over here, people are deeply into their religion and anything against it seen with threatening eyes. Lakshmi is a shy girl who would never dare to go against her parents. Like every other girl in the neighborhood, she wears decent clothes and rarely talks to boys who are outside her caste.

When she was in college, she falls in love with a boy. It is already difficult to love someone, and to love someone who is of a different religion, is next to impossible. She falls in love with this guy and wants to marry him. The boy is also in live with her and is ready to accept anything. Lakshmi’s parents are not open minded. Like most people, they think about what others would think about them and their daughter. They don't agree to the marriage. The boy’s parents readily agree to the demands put forward by their son and his lover. They all try to convince her parents to accept the proposal. They finally give up on the demands and accept the proposal. They are worried about whom to invite to the wedding. Most of the people they figure would shy away from the wedding due to religion problems.

Lakshmi tells her parents that she doesn't care about who and who will attend their wedding. All she wants is for her parents to agree with her and be present on the day of the marriage. This brings tears to their eyes. The marriage is a low affair, with only the close family members being invited to attend. After the marriage the settle in the same town. Over here, they are faced with a lot of problems. People are not ready to accept them as husband and wife. They don't interact with them and see them as a disgrace to their religion. It is up to Lakshmi to change their mindset.

This serial shows us about the problems which are still persistent in most parts of India. It tries to change the mindset of the people, which it is okay to marry someone of another religion. As long as you are happy with the person, religion and caste shouldn't play any role in deciding whom you are in love with, etc.