Tamil Tv Show Hello Ungaludan

Hello Ungaludan Tamil tv-shows on DD Podhigai

‘Hello Ungaludan' is a show that airs on DD Podhigai every Monday from 12:05 pm to 1:00 pm. It belongs to the health show genre and is broadcasted for a duration of 55 minutes. The show is in Tamil. It is a live phone-in programme. Health experts from various fields answer the questions and give solutions to the queries of the people. To provide appropriate advice to the nation, lecturers communicate by phone and talk directly to the audience and remove their doubts. The programme is structured in such a way that it promotes awareness among the public. Also, it invites well-known health experts from different fields.

Doctors from Government hospitals and members with extensive resources as well as experiences interact with the audience over a call and solve their health related queries. These people who were otherwise far away from the reach of the experts get solutions to their problems over just a phone call. ‘Hello Ungaludan' is a live programme. It is a studio-based show with an anchor and expert who are well prepared for this live show. Any topic that is related to a disease or the anatomy of humans or even a current health problem gaining fame all over is discussed. Then the doctor on a particular topic finds a solution to it and gives advice to the viewers.

This programme is for all age groups. The audience watches this live show with much interest. As the expert has discussed and advised on a particular topic, the viewers throng upon to ask questions over the phone. The health experts' lucid and scholarly answers end their queries. The aim of this show is thus to provide a happy and healthy life to the viewers far and wide over just a phone call. These experts also provide warnings about diseases that one should be careful about and also provide explanations about the method to prevent diseases. It acts as a bridge between the viewers and the television station.

Overall, the show is structured in a way to inform the public about certain health hazards but also advise them to follow certain rules of life in tranquillity. It fills the gaps and creates a bridge between the audience and the experts. The event's sole purpose is to provide the viewers with a disease free life. Sometimes prominent film personalities also participate in this programme and have a live phone in conversation with the audience.