Tamil Tv Show Genes Luckka Kickka Season 2

Genes Luckka Kickka Season 2 Tamil TV SHOWS on Zee Tamil

‘Genes Lukka Kickka’ is a Tamil game show. It is a fun show that besides entertaining the audience also tests the luck of the participants. The second season of the show launched on November 18, 2015, and aired on of March 8, 2015, and has since then become a success. It is broadcast on Zee Tamil weekly on every Sunday at 8:00 pm. ‘Genes Lukka Kickka’ is a show for the entertainment of the public, and it also tests the luck of the ones who participate. The show has four rounds, and each round sees the elimination of the one who loses in that round.

The well-known actor Roja anchors this family game show and makes it all the more interesting with her hilarious comments. There are four rounds namely, -1+1=3, Anniyan, Celebrity Round and Vilayadu Mangatha. Vilayadu Mangatha is the final round and the most interesting of all. In addition to testing the luck of the participants, it declares the winner of the game. This family show assures great fun and entertainment to the viewers. Also, celebrities connect the families of people by distinguishing between their genetic similarities.

The speciality of the show is in its structure. The show has four rounds that consist of genetic resemblance as the key. All the four rounds are purely entertaining and packed with excitement, tension and a lot of fun. It keeps every contestant on their toes and makes them perform their best in the show. The show is full of entertainment for the contestants as well as the viewers. Each episode has four participants who are either celebrity or belong to the general public. They compete in four different fun-filled and interactive rounds.

The participant who loses in each round is knocked out from that round. The contenders who win in each round move on to next round. The show is so structured that anyone who has a presence of mind, luck and intelligence can participate in the game. It, therefore, appeals to the people of all age groups. Attractive gifts and prizes add to the fun factor. The show makes it sure that no participant returns home empty handed. This interactive family game caters to the general public. The show has come back in the all new season 2 and promised more fun and entertainment to the viewers as well as the players. Grab a seat for yourself and enjoy this family game show.