Tamil Tv Show Gala Gala Galata

Gala Gala Galata Tamil TV SHOWS on VASANTH TV

Gala Gala Galata is Tamil reality TV show on Vasantha TV. People who have watched Impracticable Jokers might able to understand the plot of the show beforehand. The hosts of the show play various pranks on people walking on the road. It is a hidden camera show, where people aren't aware that they are being recorded. They might act smart or dumb; it will all be captured on the camera. These are fun pranks, and none of them is significant enough to cause injury to the other person.

They make you laugh out loud, and you will be impressed. One can say that it is the Tamil version of the world popular Canadian TV show, Just For the Laughs Gags. After the hosts have completed their mission, they walk to the participants and make them aware of all they cameras that are recording them. It is telecasted weekly once, on Sundays, and it has a runtime of twenty minutes. The show takes place in various cities of Tamil Nadu, most prominently in Chennai.

It is only one part of the show. In other episodes, the host walks towards his audience and starts chatting with them. He talks about their life, cracks a few jokes and in the end, plays some fun-loving pranks. Till now, more than fifty episodes have been aired over telecasted, and it is still going strong. Celebrities have also been part of the show. Actor and Directors from the Tamil Film Industry, have been part of a few special one-hour long episodes. One can say that Gala Gala Galata has copied all its concepts from various shows around the world such as Impractical Jokers, Just For Laughs Gags and the Graham Norton Show.

There is no other serial like it in Tamil Nadu, and for that, it deserves a lot of credit. The production costs are cheap, which can be seen by low-quality recordings. They also get the public opinion about the various issues in the society they are living in. The isn't able to make a strong TV presence, but if it shifts its focus on the Internet, then it can be a success. All the major artists have now started to shift their focus towards the web, hoping for a better audience. It has been accepted by the Tamil audience. The government plans to subside the taxes for the production of the show. A few celebrities from Tollywood have also featured on the show.