Tamil Tv Show Fashion Wonder

Fashion Wonder Tamil TV SHOWS on DD Podhigai

Fashion Wonder is a lifestyle and entertainment program that airs on the DD Podghai channel. DD Podghai is part of the Doordarshan Network and caters to the Tamil speaking audiences. The show airs weekly every Saturday at 1 pm. Each episode lasts half an hour. As the name suggests, the show focuses on the fashion and lifestyle elements for women. The show is hosted by Jayasree Ravi, who has also hosted other shows on DD Podghai. The show covers a lot of important aspect of fashion for women – clothes, jewellery, accessories among other things.

Each episode of the show features the latest trends and styles for clothes and jewellery. The show has a dedicated segment for clothes. The host, Jayasree in this segment looks in different clothes. The clothes featured belong to various styles. They may be Indian Sarees, western wear, etc. However, the show devotes a lot of time exploring sarees. The sarees featured are Kanchipuram sarees which are a specialty of the state of TamilNadu. Jayasree takes a closer look at these sarees and tells the viewer about them.

She explores the style and patterns on the saree and explains how the fashion is evolving. The sarees are also done by models to let viewers see what they look like. Apart from this, the show also informs about the latest fashion shows that have taken place. This allows the viewer to see what the new trend in fashion would look like. Besides clothing, jewellery is also a major part of fashion for women. The show travels to various jewellers and lifestyle stores to explore the jewellery being offered.

Like clothing, jewelry also has a trend and evolving styles. The show does an apt job of exploring and understanding them. And lastly, the show also gives time for accessories and other stuff that completes a women’s wardrobe. Apart from the usual fashion, the show has special segments during festivals. Festivals are a major occasion where women upgrade their wardrobe, and thus the show looks at the latest in traditional and festive wear.

The show and its host aim to provide a complete look at the evolving sense of fashion and clothing for women. The weekly format allows the show to provide regular updates to viewers and also cover a lot of news. It’s a complete package for women who want to keep up with the latest trends and news in the fashion industry.