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Famous Five Tamil TV SHOWS on Chutti TV

Famous 5: On The Case is an animated television serial which has its origin in Britain or France. It is actually based on the series of books by Enid Blyton called The Famous Five series which is a very popular book series among children. These have been converted into television episodes out of which some are developed by the writers of the former Disney series Lizzie McGuire, Tim Maile and Douglas Tuber. This series of Famous 5: On The Case views the same characters from the other Famous 5 series taking up new adventures with the difference that this time they are able to make use of better technology to solve their cases.

With the help of the modern day technology like a laptop and mobile phones, they embark on new adventures and try to solve as many cases as possible. The characters are the same from the previous series including Jo Misra, Max Kirrin, Allie Campbell, Dylan Kirrin, their dog, Timmy, and Dane and Blaine Dunston. Jo Misra is the daughter of George Kirrin and Ravi and just like her mother; she too is a tomboy. Jo is voiced by Ciara Janson. Max Kirrin is a 13-year old and enjoys skateboarding and mountain biking. Jon Lee voices him.

The third character is Allie Campbell who is the daughter of Anne Kirrin and is voiced by Kelly Metzger. Then there is also an 11-year old who is gadget hype. He is Dylan Kirrin. Dylan is voiced by Lizzie Waterworth in the first two series and by Skander Keynes in the remaining. The dog, Timmy, is the pet dog of the Famous 5 group and is voiced by Justin Fletcher Justin Fletcher is a Television personality for th >> Read More... Justin Fletcher . The rest of the members that include Dane and Blaine Dunston are the neighbours of Famous 5. They are totally opposite in nature to what the Famous 5 is as they are arrogant and spoiled.

In India, Famous 5 aired on the channel Chutti TV. The usual telecast time was from Monday to Friday from 1 pm to 2 pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 1.30 pm to 2 pm. Famous 5 is a very popular show among children on account of the fact that it is adopted from a famous book series. Adding to that, the show provides good content with the adventurous series. There were about 26 episodes with each of them having a time limit of around 22 minutes. In India, the show began on 17th November 2008 and ended in January 2010.