Tamil Tv Show Ezham Arivu

Ezham Arivu  Tamil TV SHOWS on DD Podhigai

Ezham Arivu was a reality show that ran on DD Podhigai in 2016. The show had a strong basis of science and technology. Anand Rathinam and Nandhini Sundhar served as the directors while Agnishwar J was the lead producer of the show. Sultan Ahmed Ismail and T.S.Natrajan were the judges throughout the run of the show. The purpose of the show was to find out the students with scientific temperament and award them the title of Tamil Nadu’s Young Scientist. The idea behind the show was to be a tribute to Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, the ex-President of India. Kalam was a successful rocket scientist himself who always wanted to drive the scientific and technological revolution forward in the country by instilling scientific values in children.

As a result, the show had students from schools across Tamil Nadu as participants. The students brought their scientific and technological innovations to the show and presented them to the judges. The students had to invent solutions and tackle a variety of problems in different areas like agriculture, energy conservation, waste management, consumer product innovation, etc. The goal of these solutions was to create a more effective, efficient and implementable approach to these problems in the modern world. The show initially had 30 participants from all over Tamil Nadu.

These were handpicked by A P J Abdul Kalam himself after careful study and preview by Kalam himself which was unfortunately also his last interaction with children before his death. The show had 6 participants in each episode. Each of them presented their innovation and described it’s working to the judges. The host of the show then asks them a few questions regarding their idea and its implementation and tried to point out any deficiencies, if any. After the presentation round, the students then take part in the Agni Paritchai or Rapid fire rounds where the contestants answer scientific questions successively.

Judges ask these questions and they often belong to the same scientific domain as their idea. The goal of the round is to answer as many as possible and earn the maximum points. After the end of each episode, the student with the highest amount of points wins the particular episode and enters the Grand Final. The rest of the contestants on the episode are eliminated. The winners of each episode then compete again in the finale of the show. The winner of the Grand Final is awarded the title of ‘Tamilagathin Sirantha Illam Vigyani’ or ‘Tamil Nadu’s Young Scientist.’