Tamil Tv Show Dragon Booster

Dragon Booster Tamil TV SHOWS on Chutti TV

“Dragon Booster” is a dubbed TV show in Tamil language from the Canadian TV show “Dragon Booster”. “Chutti TV” telecast this cartoon show by dubbing it in Tamil for the kids. Each episode has 20 minutes running time. The hero of the show is “Artha Penn”. “George Samilski”, “J. Falconer” and “Steve Ball” have directed the cartoon series. “Dragon Booster” is a story revolved around the theme of love and companionship between ‘Humans and Dragons’. It revolves around building a strong relationship between the two sides so that they could always live with each other without having any constraints. The protagonist of the show is “Artha Penn” who is just a normal guy. “Artha Penn” rides ‘Beaucephalis’ who is the dragon of the legend.

Soon ‘Artha Penn’ turns into the “Dragon Booster” who’s one and only aim is to stop and protect the war between the two sides-’ Humans and Dragons’. The dragons look huge, some with horns having a different color, various skin texture, throwing fire and some having skills of their own. The names of the various episodes are; ‘The Choosing 1’, ‘The Choosing 2’, ‘Into the Fire’, ‘Fanning the Flames’, ‘The Stand’, ‘The Horn of the Libris’, ‘Three Times a Hero’, ‘All is not Lost’, ‘Misjudged’, ‘The Chromatic Dragon’, ‘If I am not Broke’, ‘Rules of Power’, ‘Broken Bonds’, ‘The Leap of Loris’, ‘The Wraith Booster’,’Artha the Drac’ and many more. The main characters of the cartoon show are “Artha Penn”, “Lance Penn”, “Kitt Raada Wonn”, “Parmon Sean”, “Mortis”, “Word Paynn”, “Drakkus”, “Moordryd Paynn”, “Connor Penn” and “Cain”.

The story goes 10,000 years back where there was a planet named “Draconis” on which Dragons lived. 5,000 years back humans also started living, the space of living got shared among the two species. The dragons started to have their species and, humans also evolved. There was always a fight among the two for supremacy. Dragons treated humans as their masters. The dragon priests warned the humans that dragons would one day fight against them if humans don’t respect them. 3,000 years back the prophecy came true, and there started a huge war among the two. Dragons felt mischief and rose up. The episodes revolve around this war only. It is a great treat to watch the fictional characters in a fictional story for the kids. The animation series has gained huge popularity among the Tamil audience where not just kids but adults and older people also love watching it. It still runs on “Chutti TV”.