Tamil Tv Show Dora Vin Payanangal

Dora Vin Payanangal Tamil TV SHOWS on Chutti TV

Dora Click to look into! >> Read More... Dora Vin Payanangal” is Tamil language dubbed show, of the English cartoon show “Dora the Explorer”. It is an entertaining cartoon show for the kids. The main character of the show is ‘Dora’, who is a cartoon girl and loves to explore different things and places throughout the episodes. ‘ChuttiTv’-Tamil telecast this kid’s TV show in Tamil language. `The channel played a number of dubbed episodes of ‘Dora the Explorer’ in ‘Dora Vin Payanangal’. The channel telecast various episodes, few of which were ; ‘Dora the Explorer- like Dora the Explorer’s Fairytale Adventure’, ‘Dora the Explorer -Nursery rhymes with family song’, ‘Dora the Explorer’s- foot injury’, ‘Dora the Explorer - hand doctor caring’, ‘Swiper Mega Cut’, ‘Magic rescue adventure’,‘Dora the Explorer- at beach’, ‘Dora the Explorer’s -big birthday adventure’, ‘Dora the Explorer’s -mermaid adventure’, ‘Dora the Explorer- saves the Princess’, ‘Dora the Explorer- Carnival adventure’, ‘Dora the Explorer- Candy Land’, and many more.

There were ‘Dora the Explorer’s’ jingles, songs, theme songs dubbed in Tamil, special episodes as well. Soon after this, they launched a few games as well. In each episode, Dora has a new adventure to take on. At the beginning of each episode, Dora comes up with her bag and animal friends to bring her everyday adventure. Dora has a monkey friend who goes on every adventure with her. The name of Dora’s monkey is Boots. Throughout the show, she binds the audience with her adventure. She tells the kids to count with her, sing with her, solve tasks with her and enjoy the adventure with her. Her animal friends also help her on the adventures. ‘Chutti TV’ also had a special theme song for the show sung in Tamil language.

In the show, kids watching it used to count things with Dora, listen to different voices to find new things, look out for things which Dora is also looking for, play with Dora’s friends and, be a part of her thrilled dreamy adventure overall. After the completion of each episode, Dora and everyone who had been part of the journey sing a song and dance to it. The dance is called the “victory dance”, meaning - completion of adventure and completion of tasks. ‘Dora’ has always been kid’s favorite cartoon. Not just the kids, but everyone loves to watch “Dora the Explorer”. Kids loved watching “Dora Vin Payanangal”. Not even once ‘Dora’ slipped down from its grace after dubbing in another language. Tamil audience loved to watch “Dora Vin Payanangal” . The show also helped kids in learning a lot of things like- counting, songs, sound searching and above all, learning while having fun. There were also ‘Dora Alphabet songs’, ‘Dora Nursery rhymes’ and ‘Dora games’ in Tamil with the show “Dora Vin Payanangal”. The show still runs on Chutti TV.