Tamil Tv Show Dina Palan

Dina Palan Tamil tv-shows on CAPTAIN TV

Dina Palan is an astrology show that airs on Captain TV, every day for fifteen minutes from 7:30 to 7:45 am. The host of the show is Guruji Muthu Gurukkal, an astrologer.

Guruji predicts the day’s outcomes and tells the horoscope of all twelve zodiac signs, based on Nadi Shastra, which is a form of Dharma astrology followed in Tamil Nadu. He starts the show by telling the date, month, and year that day falls on according to the Hindu calendar. He then tells the horoscope of the zodiac signs in the following order; Mesham (Aries), Rishabham (Taurus), Mithunam (Gemini), Kadakam (Cancer), Simmam (Leo), Kanni (Virgo), Tulam (Libra), Vrichikam (Scorpio), Dhanusu (Sagittarius), Makaram (Capricorn), Kumbam (Aquarius) and Meenam (Pisces).

For each zodiac sign he tells that day’s horoscope separately, which includes: what to expect from the day (again separately for people in various occupations and age groups), is there any health issue, measures to be taken in order to steer clear from unfortunate events, which god to pray to, if there is any special puja or offering to be given, what colour clothes to wear, lucky number, what to donate and to whom, what kind of new adventures/businesses to start and so on.